kick in the shin

A Kick in the Shin

This past week, I attended an industry convention. It was amazing – the networking, the inspirational stories and the cool technology made it a great week. But it was not without its low points.  And...

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At 12 years old

Shame & Silence

<this post contains graphic details, not suitable for children> In the wake of all of the allegations and documented cases of sexual abuse, I feel obligated, once again, to share my story. I’ve...

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Why Hogar Belen is My Happy Place In 5 Words

#Love. #Acceptance. #Results. #Unplugged. #Real. After traveling across the dusty, pockmarked, rough roads of Moquegua, Peru, we find our destination marked with the simplest of signs. Taking the turn...

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Why I’m Going to Peru – Again

My First Trip To Peru A pit spot along the road in Peru In April, 2015, I joined a group of 15 other people and motorcycled around Peru. The terrain and scenery were breathtaking. (Read more about the...

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