A Cherished Relationship

Imagine what it would be like to have a relationship that has lasted more than 50 years.

Imagine this person has been there through all of your triumphs and defeats: from skinned knees to broken hearts; from your first spelling test to your second graduate degree; from boyfriend to husband and back again; from after-school jobs to career to entrepreneurship.

Now imagine throughout this entire time, this person has loved you unequivocally, without judgement, being supportive without ever trying to micromanage your life.

And then imagine that this person, the single constant throughout your entire life, is diagnosed with cancer.

The big C word. My lovely, dear and cherished mother has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. With 2 different types of cancer, bringing the grand total to 3.

Mimi and me-old Mimi and me2
Mimi and me-old

How do I respond?

I respond with an infinite amount of gratitude, because now I am the one who gets to care for her, my mother, my friend, my confidante.

Just a few days ago, after her first of two surgeries, she lay resting in her hospital bed.  I looked at her face, the face that has smiled at me my entire life, and I wept.   I felt so privileged to be sharing these moments with her . . .

To look at her beautiful face and let her know it was over for now and that the surgery had been successful.

To show my love through deeds, not words.

To be able to pay back, in some small amount, the enormous debt I owe her.

To  laugh as we make irreverent jokes at the most inappropriate times.

To let my world, if only for a short time, be solely focused on her.

I am truly honored and incredibly fortunate.


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