Revelations - Sally Ann Frank

REVELATIONS From the Heart

What essential truths would you tell your younger self? Your children? Your family and friends?

With concise, direct and sincere language, I share my perspectives on how to live a full, balanced and meaningful life in 50 Revelations from the Heart.

At the end of the book, there are pages for you to document your own life lessons to share with others or just keep for yourself.

From the forward: Thank you for taking an interest in this book. It probably means that you, like me, are interested in making every day as meaningful and joyful as possible. When I was younger, I didn’t have the tools or the constitution for introspection. In my 30s, I had the desire but only in my 40s did I begin developing my own voice. And now as I cross the 50 threshold, I thought it might be time to codify what I’ve learned in my own voice, with love, brutal honesty and a bit of humor. I hope reading this book will help you find your own truths and your own voice. – Sally

Book Reviews: Revelations


Both my husband and I read 50 Revelations cover to cover as soon as it arrived. I loved it and plan to read it over and over because it is so personal, relevant and refreshing. I also plan to recommend it for the Best Seller list!


Judi Hooker


50 Revelations from the Heart is presented with everyone in mind. It is something that can be read many times and will draw to mind various situations in your life with honesty and humor. This book spoke to me immediately when I was in need of inspiration for myself and my family. At my age, I am beginning to look backward to make sense of what is before me. Sally Ann F. Phillips gives meaningful lessons to encourage these thoughts of reflection. In turn I hope to share these revelations with my children, especially my daughter. Thank you, Sally Ann for sharing your lovely book.




Insightful, thought-provoking, subtly philosophical, at times profound, and occasionally cute -- a meaning of life sort-of read. (I had to rate this one with 5 stars -- because that's the limit; it really deserves a ten, at least.)


Ken Mullins


Sally did what many think of, challenged herself to tap into and journal life experiences and create a beautiful, feel good, format for sharing them in a setting containing harmony and love. The format and flow of the book is magnificent. The layout, art creativity and succinct wording of each reflection is so welcoming. Each of the reflections seems so simple yet each is so able to create the reader to think deeply about life. The book invites the reader to store reflections about life and to cherish that ability. I hope Sally writes more, different slants on life, her ability to capture both the emotional and intellectual compoenents is done brillantly - both in literary and illumination senses.


David M. Goodman


My wife and I have been discussing 5 revelations at a time at dinner. Talking a bit about what we can do differently to live the revelations, fun discussions ! Also ordered 4 more for presents. Thanks for the valuable little book.


Brian Staton


This smartly written book is filled cover to cover with relatable and important lessons, with a charm and realness that comes across like a good friend offering life advice. A great, light read perfect for any of your loved ones - including yourself!

Leave this out on the coffee table or next to your bed and flip open to a random page every once and a while for uplifting reminders that life is hard, confusing, imperfect and incredibly beautiful.



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