My New Title

I’ve held many titles over the years.  But I have a new title that has caused me major consternation.  I am now, “Mother of a College Student.”

Holy #$%@!

How did that happen?

When my title was, “Mother of an Elementary School Student”

Underlying all the excitement of college tours, acceptance letters, final selection and endless shopping trips, was a set of deep-seated, complex emotions that affected me both physically and mentally.  I began struggling with back pain – an experience from which this yogi thought she was exempted.

I felt like my bad back was this dark secret I had to hide from my yogi friends.  Sometimes it even made me feel like I’m wasn’t a “good” yogi.

But it was through my yoga practice that I was able to examine the root cause of my emotional and physical distress.  Read how in this blog post.

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