Women not gonna take it

The following is a post I wrote as a  guest blogger for The Orange Line, who are working with women and companies to integrate career and life.

These days I feel like I’m caught in a never ending loop of Twisted Sister’s song, “We’re not Going to Take It.”  After 18 and 11/12 years of marriage, my husband and I called it quits, primarily because we weren’t going to take “it” from each other anymore.  “It” was the sense that a Grand Canyon-sized chasm had settled in between us.

As news spread through my network of friends, I inventoried no less than 14 – yes – 14 friends going through exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons.  While 4 of them are men, the remaining 10 are strong, vivacious, smart women who want – dare I say – are beginning to demand more out of the most important relationship in their lives. <read more>

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