Meditation at LOTUS Shrine

Meditation in the LOTUS Shrine

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that sitting still to meditate has been a long-running struggle for me. I’ve typically opted for walking meditation as a way to soothe my restless...

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Sally and Sari at Yogaville

Sally and Sari’s Excellent Adventure to Yogaville

Last weekend, my studio partner in crime, Sari and I went away for a quiet retreat to the rolling hills of Buckingham, VA.  Our destination was Yogaville, home of the Satchidananda Ashram. Arriving at...

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My New Title

I’ve held many titles over the years.  But I have a new title that has caused me major consternation.  I am now, “Mother of a College Student.” Holy #$%@! How did that happen? When...

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Sharing What I Love and Why

A handstand selfie – A pose I love! Recently, I wrote a post for The Bindu about why I love yoga. I really wanted to start it with, “Hi. My name is Sally, and I’ve been a yoga addict...

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