Sally and Sari at Yogaville

Sally and Sari’s Excellent Adventure to Yogaville

Last weekend, my studio partner in crime, Sari and I went away for a quiet retreat to the rolling hills of Buckingham, VA.  Our destination was Yogaville, home of the Satchidananda Ashram. Arriving at...

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My New Title

I’ve held many titles over the years.  But I have a new title that has caused me major consternation.  I am now, “Mother of a College Student.” Holy #$%@! How did that happen? When...

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Sharing What I Love and Why

A handstand selfie – A pose I love! Recently, I wrote a post for The Bindu about why I love yoga. I really wanted to start it with, “Hi. My name is Sally, and I’ve been a yoga addict...

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My Yoga Heroes

I LOVE yoga as if you haven’t guessed. But unfortunately, popular culture has focused on the yoga of perfection. Perfect people, doing perfect poses in perfect places. But my yoga heroes are much...

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