Detox Redux – Feeling the Fall

Yummy stir fry dinner

So, we’re off!  The fall detox started yesterday and it is a bit different this time. Angst has been replaced by anticipation.  Strict adherence to recipes has been replaced with a sense of adventure!  So much so, we ventured into the Indian grocer today and bought a few things.

I started my day with a new (to me) Detox Tea from Yogi teas.  Still not loving the whole tea thing, but I manage to drink it without making too many faces now.  <g>

Tonight we also tried a new dish, Sugar Snap, Snow Peas and Cashew stir fry.  It was quite yummy and even our daughter gave it a try (although she quickly ran for some pasta and left over sauce made earlier in the week).  Braggs Aminos were the perfect finishing touch to this colorful and crunchy dish.

Perhaps what’s most amazing as I type this with the kitchari simmering on the stove, is that Dave and I are eager to return to these now familiar patterns.  In no time, we are back to planning meals, shopping  and preparing meals together.   It was my favorite part of the spring detox.  While we did continue this a bit when we went back to our regular — albeit improved — eating patterns, the sharing of meal responsibilities is back in full swing.

The other noteworthy sensation is that this time, it’s more of a hop than a leap.   We never went back to our ways of eating before the detox so our journey this time won’t be as dramatic. (We wonder if the results will be???)  That being said, we are planning to go a bit deeper, focusing more on the soups and juices in week 2.  (We only lasted a few days last time!)

Wish us luck and if you’re part of The Bindu kula participating, be sure to let me know how you are doing!

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