Lessons from the Lower Back

Wheel pose
The pre-Christmas back bend (urdhva danurasana)

Right around Christmas, my lower back started hurting.  I assumed it was the too-soft-bed that we slept in while visiting my in-laws in MI or the 13+ hour drive home.  I have to say, I was a bit miffed that my lower back dissed me like that.  After all, I’m a yogini.  WTF?! I should be immune to these types of aches and pains.  So off to yoga class I went in search of the pre-Christmas ease in my back.  Each day I fought with myself, trying to force my way into my “usual” poses, while my back bucked, balked and bitched right back.

After about the 4th class (it takes me a while to catch on sometimes), I decided it was time to let go of my ego and embrace my new back.  I eased up on it and flowed into poses more gingerly. I paid attention to my abs, engaging them to support my back more fully. I focused on breathing into my back to nourish the muscles, tendons and vertebrae.  Instead of fighting with it, I let it lead . . . and it began to talk back.

It told me that some people feel this way every moment of every day.

It told me that suppleness starts in the head; it is not just a physical state, but also a mental state.

It told me to be compassionate with myself.

It told me to trust the lessons from my lower back and use them as I move forward in my practice and my life.

One thought on “Lessons from the Lower Back

  1. So true Sally. We listen and learn from our bodies….if we take the time to be open to ‘hearing’. Thanks for the post!

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