The Other Reason I Practice Yoga

I love yoga. After 20 years of practicing, I know that there is much more to it than just the physical movement, breathing practice and spiritual connection.

Some of The Bindu yoga tribe goofing around

The added benefit is the yoga friends that I’ve made.  You see, years ago, I read an article that described how yoga friends are different than non-yoga friends. It went on to explain that yogis and yoginis have typically been through some tough s*#! in their lives and that the practice of yoga helps them process and persevere.

My take is that, while a consistent yoga practice does allow me to turn internally, check-in with myself, and clarify things, the external support of my yoga community makes a profound difference in how I deal with the curve balls of life. We all need community, and our yoga tribe is one of the most caring groups around . . . <read more>



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