The Abundance of 3

I’m very grateful for the number 3.  Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  Until recently, I was more of a 4 or 8 kinda person, more comfortable the symmetry of even numbers. But lately, the number 3 has become my favorite.  I wasn’t planning on changing my favorite number, it just kinda happened.  A few days ago, I had had a busy day with no time to tidy up.  As I wound down for the day, I started putting things away.  I put away three pairs of shoes that I had worn that day.  Three pairs of shoes in less than 24 hours: one for my early morning workout; one for work; and one for my evening walk with dog.  I realized that had worn three pairs of shoes in a single day.  How lucky am I, not only to have 3 parts of my day, but to have different shoes to do them in?  Then I began tossing the clothes that I had worn in the laundry and, you guessed it – 3 wardrobe changes during the day, one for each activity.  How fortunate I am to have three completely different types of clothes to wear so that I’m always comfortable and climate-controlled.

I then began obsessing about the number 3, minus the psycho behavior Jim Carrey exhibited in the movie, “23.”  As I got into bed that night, I laid awake ruminating about my 3-a-plenty world: our three-bedroom house, our three-car garage, our three iPods, our three cell phones.

That day, I had eaten three solid meals that were not only tasty, but satisfied my cravings and my hunger. Fresh and plentiful vegetables, fruits, and proteins were at my fingertips.  I got to choose what I ate, how it was prepared, where I ate and when I ate, all three times.  And I had been able to share one of those meals with my family. And yes, you guessed it – we’re a family of three.

I drifted off to sleep, smiling in the knowledge that it had been a good day of 3s.

The next morning, I continued my quest for 3-dom in my world.  As I finished getting dressed, I ended my daily morning routine in the usual way, by putting on my jewelry: earrings, engagement ring and wedding band, and three – here it was again – three bracelets that I wear every day.  The first one I put on was a gift from my husband.  A diamond and emerald bracelet, it commemorates our 5th anniversary and matches my wedding rings.   Eleven years later, it still reminds me of our love. The second bracelet, an Italian charm bracelet from my parents, doesn’t have a lot of charms but the few that I do have reflect who I am as perfectly as my DNA.   The third bracelet, a Chamsa on a red string, was a gift from my mother, a souvenir from the trip my mother, daughter and I took four years ago to Israel. Yup, just the three of us.   My mother bought both my daughter and me one, thinking that anything designed to keep away the “evil eye” was probably a good investment.

Three bracelets – I’d be content with any one of them, but I am blessed to have all three of them.  They are just one more reminder of the abundance in my life.

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