Detox – Days 12 & 13

Score: Dave 13. Sally 3.5.

That’s the amount of weight we’ve lost since this we began this journey.    While we’ve lost weight, we’ve gained quite of bit of knowledge about new foods and more importantly, about ourselves.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • We can get by with a lot less food – a lot less.
  • We can definitely do without processed foods, sugars and carbs.
  • I can get by without coffee, dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and BreathSavers. (Do I want to go without forever? No way, but I guarantee I won’t be consuming as much!)
  • Dried fruit is sweet – literally and figuratively.
  • I like not feeling bloated. (Which I’m assuming comes from carbs or the gluten in carbs?)
  • Juicing is good!  And we are now proud owners of our own juicer and will soon return our borrowed model.
  • Preparing food together is a great bonding experience. This had become a lost art in our home as our lives got busier. But all of this has been so new, we now plan, shop and prepare meals together much more often.  Yeah!
  • I will continue drinking tea despite the fact that I’m still not loving it. (Tea suggestions anyone?)
  • Having a messy kitchen is not the end of the world. Who knew???

Here’s the menu recap:


  • Cantaloupe/mango/orange/celery/mint/ginger – one of our best yet
  • Apple/banana/pumpkin seed/dried cranberry juice – endorsed by Dave!


  • Carrot/jicama/orange juice – really snarky and chunky . . . couldn’t finish it
  • Grapefruit/orange/cilantro/flax seed juice – surprisingly good, very different


  • Slight fall off the wagon as we went out to dinner and I ate veggie sushi, edamame and Dave enjoyed some veggie tempura
  • Green salad with berries and balsamic vinaigrette

Various  amounts almonds, dates and cups of tea through out the days.

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