Detox – Day 9

So this is what daikon is!

The Daikon Incident.   No, it’s not some international spy mission gone bad. It’s something that happened right in front of my eyes.

One of my recipes required daikon but provided no description of what it is. So, in my laps around the produce department in no less than five markets, I finally found an area of the shelf marked “daikon.” It was a root-looking thing so I picked it up and put it in my cart, brought it home and began to get it ready to use in my recipe.  Somehow the directions didn’t jive with what I was holding in my hands.   

Genius that I am, I then decided I should probably look at a picture of daikon online and guess what? I didn’t buy daikon. I still have no idea what I DID buy, but I’m definitely still daikonless.

But while I was making heads and tails of my mystery root, I did notice something far more significant: our living foods are overtaking the “regular” foods that we have.  We never purged our frig or cabinets but now it’s almost as if we did.  Greens, veggies, and fruit abound. The colors and smells are a beautiful bouquet!

The other thing that I’ve noticed as I go from grocery to store to grocery store is that the higher-end, whole foods stores don’t intimidate me like they used to.  I may not have enough chutzpah to ask for daikon but at least I don’t feel misplaced as I roam the aisles again and again and again.

Today we ate:


  • mango/pineapple/cucumber/orange/mint/ginger juice  (my favorite so far)
  • Chai Rooibus
  • Almonds


  • Green salad with a few spritz of olive oil
  • Apple


  • Homemade veggie soup with carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, scallions
  • Figs and dates for dessert
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