Detox – Day 5

Today was meltdown day.  It started this morning when I hurriedly tried a new juicing recipe.  (Note to self:  hurrying and new are not a tasty combination.)   As I raced toward the door, I threw the juice for Dave and me into containers and into a cooler.     It smelled putrid and looked even worse.

I delivered the juice to Dave and he was equally enamored (not!) with its appearance.   A few moments later, settled in front of my computer and ready to start my workday, I lifted the lid and was overwhelmed by the smell – make that stench.  I was so hungry, I took a few sips as tears rolled down my cheeks.  I had rushed and worked so hard for this miserable concoction.   That’s when the  monkey-mind kicked into high gear saying, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this . . . ” over and over again.  Which, of course, made me feel even more pathetic.

I threw the juice out, sent Dave a text warning him,  grabbed a handful of nuts and grapes and made some chai (which was amazingly tasty after the juice). 

That was meltdown #1. 

But wait! There’s more  . . .

I got back home ~ 2pm with a very empty stomach and  very messed up kitchen.

In my haste, I had left the juicer uncleaned and in the sink.  Now was clean up time.  I lost it again. I was so hungry but the pitta in me wouldn’t let the kitchen go messy one more moment.  As I scrubbed the juicer’s private parts, the tears came again.  Commence with meltdown #2. With each exertion of elbow grease, the voice in my head came back louder and louder.  But to my surprise this time it said, “I can do this. I can do this . . . ”  over and over again. 

Progress? Possibly.

Insanity? Definitely!

Today’s menu


  • Inedible juice made with kale, celery, cucumber, apple, bananas, ginger (folks, don’t try this at home)
  • Grapes & almonds
  • Chai Rooibus (which I still find hard to get down)


  • Kitchari – new batch, not so bad; either I’m getting better at it or I’m getting hungrier
  • Watermelon


  • More kitchari
  • More watermelon
  • 3 pieces of veggie sushi with brown rice and Bragg’s
  • 3 dates and 3 figs

Tomorrow we are attempting quinoa. Wish us luck!

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