Detox – Day 3

Well, I have finally figured out why Dave has lost 4 pounds and why I’m so exhausted: chopping. 

We have washed, chopped, cut, sliced, and shredded  more veggies and fruits that I thought humanly possible in 3 days.

Dave had a wicked migraine, driving him to give himself a shot for relief.  I feel like I took an anti-gravity pill – a bit airy and unfocused, mostly in the afternoon.  Today I had licorice tea in the afternoon (which is much more for Kaphas). I may have to skip that tomorrow afternoon and see if I feel differently as the day wears on.

Still missing my breathsavers, coffee and dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, but not as much. 

Today’s menu included:


  • Celery, ginger and every other fruit we had.  (snarky!)
  • Almonds
  • Chai Rooibus


  • Kitchira (ugh – I’ve got to re-make this with another recipe)
  • Mango (sweet!)


  • Left over avocado/cilantro mix on celery sticks (still yum)
  • Licorice tea


  • Left over leeks, asparagus and some dates to slay the sweet tooth (not very filling but it was late after yoga)
  • Dave had a salad as he met some friends for dinner (he also ate a few crackers – we’re so carb starved!)

I attempted to make dinner for tomorrow night, but it’s already deemed a flop. I made spaghetti squash which I normally mix with pesto. Since pesto has cheese in it (and Dave hates it), I used an alternative recipe that I have for broccoli pesto.  I didn’t include the romano, and guess what? It tastes like paint!  I have no idea if it’s salvageable, but I guess that’s tomorrow night’s topic!

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