Foibles & Failures

Still Ringing in My Ears

A few months ago, Scott and I visited the Oak Island Lighthouse. Steeped in history, the lighthouse is unique for many reasons; everything from the ship-style staircase (instead of a more traditional circular...

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kick in the shin

A Kick in the Shin

This past week, I attended an industry convention. It was amazing – the networking, the inspirational stories and the cool technology made it a great week. But it was not without its low points.  And...

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Monkey Mind

The Hard Work of Yoga

For my yogi friends. . . Does this feel familiar? You sit on your mat, waiting for class to start. The instructor begins, setting the mood for the class. Her voice is calm and serene, with just the right...

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5 Bad Habits of a Telecommuter

The transition to full-time telecommuter A year ago, I went from working from home 3 days a week, to working from home every day of the week.  In this relatively short time, I have developed some <ahem>...

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