Zen Interrupted

If you keep up with my blog or Facebook page, I have regaled you (far too often) with tales about my walks with our dog, Roxie.  Those precious moments, unfettered by technological gadgetry and surrounded by nature are true moments of calmness and tranquility. I always feel clearer, more grounded and more grateful after a walk with my furry Zen friend.

Over the years, Roxie and I have established a pattern, walking a certain route, gazing at the lake, smelling the flowers (or squirrels in her case), interrupted only to say hi to a neighbor or toss a treat to a backyard-bound canine.  We have a groove. An unspoken language.  It’s nice.

It’s over.

Each walk is now a battle. Our silent sauntering has been replaced by a constant stream of, “No!” and “Come on!”

Our Zen moments are over, replaced by chaos and mayhem.

You see, about a month ago, our lives were turned upside down.  We added a new member to our household.  Lacey, our puppy of unknown breed, has broken the rhythm of my walks with Roxie . . . and broken our hearts with her story.

The little mayhem-maker

One of 7 puppies, her mother was hit by a car and left for dead. After being rescued, momma dog was taken to a vet and stabilized.  The vet assessed that the dog had just given birth, so the dog was taken back to the spot where she was found and she lead them to her litter.  Cared for and fostered by Project Halo, we met the unnamed puppy at the Helping Paws Dog Show to benefit Project Halo which our daughter, Brooke manages and runs.  For Brooke and puppy #3, it was love at first wag.

So that day, Brooke managed to raise about $600 for Project Halo and get two dogs adopted on the spot . . . one just happen to come home with us.

Now, several weeks later our house is a circus.  Any previous moments of Zen have evaporated. Puppy energy reigns supreme.   But isn’t that what life is anyway? Just when you think you have things under control, a new variable enters the equation, upsetting the fine balance you’ve struggled to achieve.  In the blink of an eye, everything has changed and next thing you know, you’re dealing with a whole lotta poop.

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