Why Hogar Belen is My Happy Place In 5 Words

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After traveling across the dusty, pockmarked, rough roads of Moquegua, Peru, we find our destination marked with the simplest of signs. Taking the turn into the “driveway” of rocks and water, we drive down this narrow path, overgrown with vegetation, that seems more appropriate for a couple of cows than a vehicle.

The entrance to Hogar Belen
The driveway to Hogar Belen

But this well-worn, dusty path leads to a very special place: the Hogar Belen Orphanage.I visited Hogar Belen for just one day in 2015. There was something compelling about the children, the setting and the caretakers’ ability to thrive in such dire circumstances (no running water, insufficient electricity and housing, etc), that their struggles became inscribed on my heart. I knew I wanted to help and I would be back.

So, in May, I returned with a group of 4 other similarly-inclined people: Neale Bayly, motorcycle journalist and founder of Wellspring International Outreach (WIO); Jim Miller, biker, photographer and WIO board member; Manny Pandya, biker, photographer and WIO volunteer and Michael Lust, biker and WIO volunteer.

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