The Great Earring Mystery

Ever since I cut my hair short, 5 years ago, I’ve worn stud earrings.  Every single day, the same pair.  I felt that simple was best . . . until last week.

As I changed my shirt, the back of my right stud got caught and went flying across the room.  Moments later, I was plotting the likely trajectory and down on all fours desperately trying to recover the lost earring.  (Roxie was thrilled that I was on her level, but refused to help!)

Despite my best efforts, scouring under the bed and dresser, using flash lights in hopes of seeing a hint of sparkle, covering a small vacuum cleaner with panty hose and sucking up all of the lint and dog hair, it was nowhere to be found.

I was forced to go bling-less or plunge into the world of (gasp!) dangling earrings.

I began going through my forsaken baubles and gems and metals, desperately in search of something simple (I own no other studs).  I found 2 pairs  that I found acceptable and began to wear them.  I felt a bit different, almost brave for venturing out of my 5-year rut.

In reality though, nothing – not one single thing – changed. No armageddon, no sirens going off, no changes in my relationships.

In fact, I was kinda digging the new look.

Which made me wonder – what other self-imposed rules, ruts and habits have I adopted?  Was it just easier to wear the same thing everyday?  Was it a lack of creativity?  Or was I just on auto-dress?

Whichever  reason it is (or maybe a combination of all three), I now choose my earrings much more carefully.  In fact, I am now examining other daily rituals to make sure that they are rut-free.

What about you?  Do you have ruts you need to dig out of, too?

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