The Amazing Present Time Machine

Brooke in the Jeep shortly after we got it

Last year my husband bought an old Jeep Wrangler.  I’ve only been able to drive it intermittently because he enjoys driving it so much. And when he’s not driving it, he’s restoring it. This week, he’s been traveling so I’ve been driving it around town.

It’s a ’94 with a Bimini top and manual transmission. In other words, it’s a bit of a beast.  But it’s been huge fun this week and I’ve begun to enjoy its unique characteristics.

Without windows and a top over the back seat, my view is expansive in every direction.  When I turn my head, there are no obstacles to prevent me from seeing way beyond the horizon, like in my usual vehicle.

The ride??   Well, it’s VERY bumpy!  No stone, stray branch or teensy pot hole goes unnoticed when you are in a Jeep.  You get thrown around quite a bit, as if you are on a carnival ride.

The Jeep also has no radio or clock.  While I may be aware of the time when I get in, once I start driving, I completely lose track of time.  And the manual transmission prevents me from stealing glances at my phone.

At first, all of these little idiosyncracies unsettled me. I felt uncomfortable, almost over-exposed.  But now that I’ve gotten into the groove, the Jeep feels like a bit of freedom.

With the wind, expansive views and enforced disconnection from my iPhone, the Jeep has become my amazing present time machine.  When driving it, I find myself completely in the moment, undistracted from the journey by my usual habits of changing radio stations, glancing at the clock, talking to Siri or sipping a drink.

My mind is focused, taking in all of the sights, sounds and aromas (and sometimes they’re funky!) My heart is wide open like my view, drinking in the freedom of the moment.  And my body is enjoying the bumps along the way.

When I do arrive at my destination, I feel relaxed, happy and invigorated.  Now, I know why Dave likes to drive it so much!

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