From the Heart

What essential revelations-book-covertruths would you tell your younger self? Your children? Your family and friends?

With concise, direct and sincere language, I share my perspectives on how to live a full, balanced and meaningful life in 50 Revelations from the Heart.

At the end of the book, there are pages for you to document your own life lessons to share with others or just keep for yourself.

From the forward: Thank you for taking an interest in this book. It probably means that you, like me, are interested in making every day as meaningful and joyful as possible. When I was younger, I didn’t have the tools or the constitution for introspection. In my 30s, I had the desire but only in my 40s did I begin developing my own voice. And now as I cross the 50 threshold, I thought it might be time to codify what I’ve learned in my own voice, with love, brutal honesty and a bit of humor. I hope reading this book will help you find your own truths and your own voice. – Sally


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