Reflections on the Spring Cleansing

With some distance between us and the detox, we’ve had time to reflect on the life-long lessons we’ve learned. 

First, meal planning, shopping and cooking living foods is definitely a team sport.  We had gotten into the habit of slapping meals together at the last minute with whatever was handy – even if it wasn’t healthy. Now, the whole process is truly a bonding experience as we go through each step of meal preparation together.

Second, we’ve learned that a mindfully prepared meal is a mindfully consumed meal.  We actually think much more about what we eat, when and how. After all the work involved, we tend to pause for a moment or two and look at our plates before digging in.  We eat more slowly and with much more attention to flavors, textures and aromas.  And we eat together as much as possible to reinforce and support each other’s good eating habits.

Third, we’ve given up eating too much.  Eating more mindfully and slowly, we are able to actually discern that exact moment when we’re no longer hungry, eating only until we are this side of full. 

Lastly, I’ve learned that I will never, ever, ever like kale.  I’ve juiced it, sautéed it, camouflaged it and it’s just not happening for me.

We’re already planning for next our  next spring cleansing!

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