Pondering Peru – Part 1

It is hard to fully convey all that I’ve seen these last 10 days, but I will try.

Peru is complex, beautiful, surprising and amazing all at the same time. Beautiful landscapes are the backdrop for small pueblos filled with half-built buildings, while animal herds line the streets that take us from village to village. It is common to see a shepherd tending to his or her flock of llamas, cows, or sheep walking along the streets.  We also encountered wayward cows, burros and horses crossing the road, seemingly on their own accord. And dogs are everywhere.  Most roam the towns and pueblos in search of food and playmates, but are not aggressive in any way.

Peruvian Green Acres

The sheep herd and herder

In the countryside, living is simple.  We met one herder and his son, who were caring for their sheep. The 75-year-old father has lived his entire life on this swatch of land with incredible vistas of the Andes.

Lovely ladies willing to pose for me

The people that we’ve met have been welcoming, helpful and patient with our inability to speak their language.  In the worst Spanish ever uttered, I asked these ladies if I could take their picture.  They were kind enough to oblige and grant me an enduring colorful reminder of our trip.

Positively Amazing Peru

This has been the trip of a lifetime.  Peru wasn’t on my bucket list but I am so glad that I was able to make it. Today, we will travel to the orphanage of Hogar Belen with the team that I’ve been traveling with from Wellspring International Outreach.  I will follow this post with additional ones about our trip to the orphanage and more reflections on the trip.

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