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Having spent time with founders, VC companies and most importantly, prospective digital health startups, patterns have emerged regarding those startups that are successful and those that die an often slow and painful death. While not a recipe for guaranteed success, having a guidebook of sorts can help navigate the perils associated with building a digital health company and very likely improve the odds of success.

The Startup Protocol-Sally Ann Frank
Sally Ann Frank

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Sally Frank leads the worldwide HLS strategy, programs, and portfolio for Microsoft for Startups, an organization dedicated to accelerating the development of innovative companies. Through business strategy planning, go-to-market development, and technical excellence, she enables startups to achieve their revenue and long-term goals
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Comprehensive & Accessible

[The Startup Protocol] This is an amazing body of work – super comprehensive and makes very nuanced and complicated topics very accessible. The book has extraordinary range, covering all the key topics.
Michael Greeley, General Partner, Flare Capital

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