How IoT is Changing the Pharmaceutical Industry – 2 Examples

For the recent IoT Signals report, commissioned by our Azure IoT team and conducted by Hypothesis Group, more than 3,000 decision makers at enterprise companies across the US, UK, Germany, France, China, and Japan who were currently involved in IoT, participated in a 20-minute online survey. Healthcare was one of the industries included in the research. Of the healthcare executives surveyed, 82 percent said they have at least one IoT project in either the learning, proof of concept, purchase, or use phase, with many reporting they have one or more projects currently in ‘use.’ The top use cases cited by the healthcare executives included:

  • Tracking patient staff and inventory.
  • Remote device monitoring and service.
  • Remote health monitoring and assistance.
  • Safety, security, and compliance.
  • Facilities management.

Today we want to shed light on how two innovative companies are building upon this momentum and their own research to build IoT-enabled solutions with Azure IoT technologies that support medication management and adherence. These solutions, from P360 and Pillo Health, address the safety, security, compliance, and inventory use cases highlighted in the report.

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