The Digital Literacy Program at Hogar Belen

Last year Don Morrison wrote about Wellspring International Outreach’s plans for improving digital literacy at Hogar Belen. Now, we are ready to give an update on the incredible progress we are making thanks to the gracious donations we have received from you, our supporters. Let’s look into how things are shaping up and get an in-depth look at the program in Peru.


About a year ago, through a mutual connection at Microsoft, Don Morrison and I started sharing their experiences working on different volunteer initiatives in Peru.  Don had worked with Sacred Valley Health helping them modernize their health care delivery systems and medical records, and I had worked at the Hogar Belen Orphanage in Moquegua helping upgrade the children’s living quarters.  After comparing notes, the two decided they wanted to work together on something new: a digital literacy program at Hogar.

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