Detox – Day 2

I’m exhausted!  Really, really tired.  Either my body is working hard getting rid of toxins or I’m coming down – hard –  from a 48-year sugar high.

Today’s menu: 


  • Apple/cucumber/mint/ginger juice (yummy!)
  • Almonds
  • Chai tea (don’t really like it but getting used to it)


  • Salad at Dean & Deluca (all greens & veggies with  just a drop of olive oil)
  • Water

Mid-afternoon snack (I was starving and cranky, so I figured some fruit was in order):

  • Fresh mango


  • Grilled asparagus
  • Grilled leeks
  • Left over avocado sauce (from dinner last night) with celery

We were dying for something sweet after dinner, so we dove into a few figs and dates. (Who would have thought that those would have been considered dessert a week ago??!)

Tomorrow, we have decided to start the day juicing just fruit as a treat.  We both need a pick-me-up, eating something we know we will enjoy.  This has been less difficult for me  (pescatarian), but Dave (committed carnivore) has been hanging in there even though it’s really a huge change for him!

It appears that we’ve settled into a living foods type of approach. Our second week is supposed to be just juice and raw soups.  Hmmmm . . . we will cross that bridge when we get to it – and after another few visits to the grocery stores!

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